“B u Y e R S”

“SE si SE has become  “B u Y e R S”.  We used our working title “SE si SE” for quite a while and it worked. Now, approaching the production stage of the project we feel like the new title – “B u Y e R S”

serves better the story and the purpose of our film, allowing all the interested parties to take a peek at what this is all about.

BuYeRS poster


“B u Y e R S” is a Nadia & Raresh DiMofte film produced by BAD ICON Production$ & Performing Arts Underdogs Society.


“SE si SE”


SEsiSE is a character driven story that touches on HUMAN TRAFFICKING.

Our story takes a step further into the future. What will become of this? Let’s take a look at Simon & Sara, a millionaire geek and his trophy wife. They have everything. They’ve done everything. What’s next? How far does the money take them and how far are they willing to go? What is the story behind the story?

Simon & Sara leave a party in some mansion. They are both tipsy and on their way home the boredom kicks in and makes them get into a bloody fistfight. One thing leads to another and they find themselves in Lula’s (The Mistress) underground “shop”. The shop is Sara’s source of one-of-kind illegal and very expensive thrills. They go in and negotiate the ultimate and most unexpected thrill there’s ever been.

VOTE for our project here http://www.storyhive.com/project/show/id/114


F R a i L N e S S

Our first finished project is an extremely short film called FRaiLNeSS.

Produced by Nadia and Raresh DiMofte with the help of our Associate Producer Brandon Hillier, FRaiLNeSS is a 2:59 minutes short starring Raresh DiMofte, written and directed by Nadia DiMofte, filmed by Brandon Hillier, sound recorded by Bill de Garis and MUA Adrianne Hinds. Post production done by Brandon Hillier with the help of Nadia DiMofte and Amus B. Osaurus.

FRaiLNeSS is a story about love, duality and hidden frailty, exposing Sebastian’s breaking point.



Raresh DiMofte – lead

Raresh DiMofte – lead

SE si SE ‘ s leading actor playing Simon is none other than Raresh DiMofte. Some of the ladies auditioning for Sara and Lula met him at our first round of auditionsRaresh DiMofte 2 big; some will meet him at the callback. Don’t spare him. He can take it.

THE NEXT PLAY – part 2

It all starts with an idea. So, what was the idea?

The original idea was for Raresh to find a play that he likes, in no more than 3 characters. He flirted with J.P. Sartre’s “No Exit” … Uuuuuuuh! Interesting. So, search the library catalogue – tick; place hold – tick; pick up books – tick; read books- tick. And yet, something was just not there. Apply the “sit crooked to think straight” formula – tick. Raresh was not entirely happy. (Maybe it had something to do with Sartre’s political views, maybe it didn’t…) Just felt half way there. The play was kinda cool, but not hot enough. and it hit him. YES! That is the right choice! YES! YES! YES!

Whose idea was this, you might wonder?!

Well … that is for another time. For now, let`s just say both of them – extremely happy. They are happy, I am happy. So, when everybody`s happy,  keep them happy …

Happy Canada Day to all!



Bonjour a tous,

Excuse the mystery about our next play, but we need to keep it low for now.

As low as we can only say it deals with education and it is a first on a very unique level that we cannot reveal for now. That is pretty much what we can release for now about the play itself.

On the other hand though, we can let you in on some facts:

  1. it’s a Performing Arts Underdogs TEAM project, combining the efforts of 6 people (so far) from 2 organizations – BAD ICON Production$ and Asociatia SPIN WORK.
  2. it’s targeted towards people who question authority.
  3. it’s experimental in it’s purest form.

We just wanted to say that we have started working on this play (at the end of spring) so we are beginning to see shapes of what it is going to be … and feels amazing.

The energy on rehearsals is astounding. All individuals involved are awesome young creative passionate lovers of the theater.

The rest is still to come … stay tuned and keep happy.

Enjoy a great tomorrow.